Future of Television


One hundred fifteen million households in the U.S. have a television set in them. Cable television is the #! way to watch TV in America. Cable television channels and videotapes give the audience member access to specialized programs and material, far beyond what is available on the three commercial television networks and public television.
Television has changed a lot over the years–from black-and-white tube sets to Technicolor consoles to plasma and LED high-definition TVs.
But the medium is still evolving. Tech companies are producing bigger (yet thinner) TV screens and immersive, customizable viewing experiences with Internet connectivity, widgets, and apps; and broadcasters are looking at ways to move beyond high-definition.
Ultimately, I’m convinced we will get to what I call RD3D media, which is retinal definition, three-dimensional media where it’s almost indistinguishable from just looking out a window, for example. I think when we get the pixel density about eight times where it is today in high definition, and when we solve some of these lingering issues with 3D television without glasses, and we think that’s certainly workable at that pixel density over the next 10 years, so we want to be on those platforms too.


I love Music!

The device in which I choose to listen to music is MP3, which is like an IPod and it has 30 GB of space. A recent study shows 47.06% of music listeners in America, choose to listen to there music using IPods, 5.88% still use CD players while 17.65% enjoy listening to music on there computers.

I listen to music from the time I wake up, shower, drive in the car, work, on my way to school, on the drive back home, while at home, music studio ect. I always listen to music! I love all types. I listen to music because it smooths my soul. It takes the anger, sadness and despair in me and says “Lets take a walk and everything will be fine.” It works all the time.

Radio is so important, it is in 99% of U.S.A. household. We rely on music for connection and information. The car is were a lot of people listen to there radios. 1930 the first car radio by Motorola was introduced and change the way some of us drive forever. In 2001, the first two American digital audio satellites were launched, offering the promise of hundreds of satellite radio channels. By the end of 2003, about 1.6 million satellites radio subscribers tuned to the two top providers, XM and Sirius . These two players merged soon before the 2008 stock market crisis, during which the new company, Sirius XM Radio lost nearly all of its stock value. In 2011, the service was used by 20.5 million subscribers. I love music!

Assignment “About Myself”

Hello world

My name is Timothy Hall but my friends and family call me “TZ”. I have currently changed my life around and I feel I’m on the correct track in life. I live by faith and not by sight. I feel technology is well needed for myself but it is not the most important thing in life. I value health & family.  Now my children on the other hand, will not play outside like normal kids because they are so into their lap tops, camcorders, ipods, play station3 , wii, kindal fire hd, pc ect. I have to get mad & make them go outside to enjoy beautiful days. I do not understand that. Maybe I spoil them with this technology, maybe they need this technology.

I think technology is improving each day. Radio has evolved and continues to expand. MP3 and Ipod’s have taking place of walkmans and diskmans.  Digital music is the way to go. I personally love Pandora. Pandora is a free radio station in which you request your favorite artist and this application not only plays the artist but artist with similar sound or similar songs. My family loves it! In the future I would like this free radio station to have zero advertising, no commercials! Food for thought.. 

Timothy Hall 1356718

Second half 1. Cards will wear you down

The Louisville Cardinals have the best defensive full court press and back court in college basketball. The pressure defense took it’s toll last night as the newly ranked #1 Cards handled UConn Huskies 73-60. The Cardinals are only the third team to hold the #1 spot (Indiana, Duke) this season. Due to early foul trouble in the first half, Sr. guard Payton Siva did not get to play much. Siva the conference preseason player of the year, picked his second foul up just 3:47 into the game.

Russ Smith scored 23 points & Chane Behanan added 16 points and collected 9 rebounds. UConn scored the first basket coming out of halftime and then Louisville turned it up and started playing like the #1 ranked team in the country. They went on a 19-5 run which gave Louisville the 47-41 lead with 12:18 to play. UConn looked deflated. I can remember the expressions on some of the Huskies faces. Frustration & selfishness set in. I can remember one pacific play in which a UConn big made a steal & had a guard wide open for a fast break / easy dunk but the big guy choose to keep the ball & dunk it himself. That did not settle right with the UConn guard. That isn’t team ball. The Huskies had seven turnovers in the first 11 minutes of the second half.

The Huskies shot 25.9 percent in the second half (7 of 27) which made them 39.6 percent for the game. Next up for the Cards will be Syracuse at KFC Yum. It’s always a huge game when we play the Orangeman. They are really good but I have faith UL will win because the Cards are shooting the 3 point shot well and against the 2-3 zone Syracuse plays, Cards get the opportunity to shoot lights out. Pitino is the better coach!  

Timothy Hall 1356718