One day I had a brilliant idea. Lets go camping! Camping, my family ask? Yes camping with no cell phones, mobile devices or Kindle fires. My family looked at me as if I were speaking a foreign language.My wife received the wrong memo. I laid the ground rules down with no electronics. My wife takes the kids to the grocery store to purchase food for our camping trip. My wife grabs a lot of snacks. Meanwhile I take my son to a official camping store to purchase camping supplies. Tent, sleeping bags, pot and pans ect. The guy at the store ask if we need any instructions to how to put the tent together. My stubborn self politely says no thank you. I mean a tent can’t be that hard to put up. Ohh how I was wrong.I realized once in the wilderness, I had no google search no mobile devices. No smart phones or internet to help us. Now we had to rely on being “unplugged”. We had to figure everything out the old fashion way.It took me ALL daylight to get that tent up. I should have taken the guys advise when he wanted to show me how to properly put the tent up. This trip without technology able me to connect with the children by entertaining them in other ways. We told stories by the camp fire. We swam in the lake. We had all types of fun and my kids didn’t even miss or realize they were on a “unplugged vacation”. You can have fun without technology.




We had no video games so I secretly purchased a ugly bear custom and had my friend wear it for hours. My friend played along with this fun joke. I waited until it was really dark. We told scary stories around the camp fire. I was telling a story about a mean bear when we heard a noise come from the darkness. I rounded the boys up and told them we need to investigate these sounds. My kids grabbed flashlights and we were off to find out what was making these strange sounds, We walked 50 steps from the camp fire when all of a sudden a huge roar emerges. If you could have seen these kids faces when they say my friend in the bear custom. They took off running in the opposite direction toward the van. My son was first onto the van leaving his sisters and mother behind him!
I think this fun event took the place of video games. According to the book 22.5% of american house holds spend 8 hours per day on the internet social networks and blogs. 9.8% spend there time on line gaming. 7.6% checking e-mails. 4.4% Videos/movies and 4.0 on search engines.
I have learned that social networking sites have become the biggest,most relevant sites on the internet today. Their impact is felt everywhere from Wall Street to all corners of the world. Facebook has over one billion and growing users. Social media impacts individuals, politics, business/brands, education, and healthcare.




Blogging is awesome! Things people blog about is a different story! People have the right of freedom of speech. There are some mean and cruel people in this world. People tweet or blog  on so many different web site that’s it’s hard to believe the truth. This is the case for South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Tax fraud is a federal offense and to be wrongful accused of that crime is harsh. I enjoyed blogging because I respect my readers. Never would I</p><p> </p><p>publish false or misleading information. I also believe blogging can make you feel good about yourself. It represents you!  <img alt=”” src=”; /></p>
Blogging has definitely impacted our society. It’s a fast way people can express themselves without leaving home. Some people can explain things better when they write there thoughts on paper or type them on computer. Although a lot of people have negative thoughts and negative thinking, just as many maybe more have positive thoughts and positive thinking. I think blogging is here to stay for many more years to come. I think blogging is here to stay because younger people love blogging. Studies show 42% of Americans under age 25 are the main bloggers. Age 45 and up 13% are blogging.

Blogging can create major problems! It can damage a persons life. Mental abuse can come from blogging. I feel sorry for some entertainers and athletes. The life were everything you do is published leaves you with limited privacy. I like the fact I can use blogging to express my personal feelings. I admit I was victim of a bad blog. I tweet something before the UofL LadyCards final four game that I now realize, it was mean. Once I seen the Golden Bears of California I tweet “Lets go LadyCards, beat these men!” Not nice! I’m sorry for that but we won!