Technology Privacy

In researching internet privacy, I found so many things interesting and scary. One billion people, 240 billion photos and one trillion connections, steady changing on Facebook.  It’s all about the data we process on the internet. The “Like” pages we click on Facebook.

Marketers make money from advertising products to us. We purchase these products as we get new emails, coupons and more ads by postal mail. As I received mail and coupons to restaurants ect. I would always wondered how did they find me? How does these companies know I reside here?  Let’s talk about a Kroger card. I always wanted to know, why doesn’t Kroger just make discount prices for everybody? Why do I need to give you all my personal information just so I get a discount on my purchase? Just like Facebook, Kroger acts as a connecter. They take your information and sale it to the companies with out our consent. I feel as if I’ve been fooled!

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, movie studios, record labels and publishers lose $135 billion a year in revenues due to privacy and counterfeiting (Kang, 2011). This is another scare. Identity thief is devastating crime. The Protect IP Act or PIPA would allow the government to seek a court order against a foreign website suspected of privacy. The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) has similar restrictions but includes more criminal penalties for online streaming of copyrighted material (Yeh,2012)

Above is G Data security.

 As mobile ads take off and location data gets factored into the mix, it raises all kinds of privacy questions — like whether tracking data can be linked to people’s identities, and what other things this data could be used for besides advertising. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) allows the U.S government and agencies such as the military, along with private technology and manufacturing companies, to share information related to “cyber threats” to the United States.

In conclusion I have really thought about how I am protected. I’m not! The government can find out any and everything they want to know about me. This data can be breached for criminal purposes. The cameras as a walk down the street, mobile phones I use, bank cards and internet usage insure me I have no privacy! Watch what I post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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