I remember the first apple computer! It was slow and bulky! Then, Apple launched Macintosh in 1984. Its debut was announced by the now famous $1.5 million television commercial #1984. It was directed by Ridley Scott and was aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984.It is now a huge event for Apple’s success and a “masterpiece”.

Although Apple was expensive, I think this company provides the best product. To this day, I call on my son for assistance, operations various technologies. A long time ago, I sat at my computer and kept re-typing urls. Once again my 12 year old comes to the rescue. “Dad, here’s the refresh button”. I just shock my head. Everyday since I “refresh” on my computer. I really feel like that was a life changing moment. A lesson, that something as small as learning how to “Refresh” gives me a super fast knowledge!

As mentioned earlier Apple products are expensive but by 1997, the majority of American households with annual incomes greater than $50,000 owned a personal computer. According to A history of communication technology those sold for about $2000, exceeding the reach of lower income groups.    

I want an “Apple” PC badly but because the computer I like is $3000, I cant afford it! I know this will be a wonderful investment. I feel that if the Lord wants me to have it, he’ll make a way for me to own and appreciate the computer. Trust and faith! 



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