Technology Privacy

In researching internet privacy, I found so many things interesting and scary. One billion people, 240 billion photos and one trillion connections, steady changing on Facebook.  It’s all about the data we process on the internet. The “Like” pages we click on Facebook.

Marketers make money from advertising products to us. We purchase these products as we get new emails, coupons and more ads by postal mail. As I received mail and coupons to restaurants ect. I would always wondered how did they find me? How does these companies know I reside here?  Let’s talk about a Kroger card. I always wanted to know, why doesn’t Kroger just make discount prices for everybody? Why do I need to give you all my personal information just so I get a discount on my purchase? Just like Facebook, Kroger acts as a connecter. They take your information and sale it to the companies with out our consent. I feel as if I’ve been fooled!

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, movie studios, record labels and publishers lose $135 billion a year in revenues due to privacy and counterfeiting (Kang, 2011). This is another scare. Identity thief is devastating crime. The Protect IP Act or PIPA would allow the government to seek a court order against a foreign website suspected of privacy. The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) has similar restrictions but includes more criminal penalties for online streaming of copyrighted material (Yeh,2012)

Above is G Data security.

 As mobile ads take off and location data gets factored into the mix, it raises all kinds of privacy questions — like whether tracking data can be linked to people’s identities, and what other things this data could be used for besides advertising. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) allows the U.S government and agencies such as the military, along with private technology and manufacturing companies, to share information related to “cyber threats” to the United States.

In conclusion I have really thought about how I am protected. I’m not! The government can find out any and everything they want to know about me. This data can be breached for criminal purposes. The cameras as a walk down the street, mobile phones I use, bank cards and internet usage insure me I have no privacy! Watch what I post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



Video Games

Research states 68% of American households play computer or own video games. This is over half of the U.S. population. I think we live in a society that embarsses video games however there is some negatives and positives about video games. I believe some video games help develop children’s movement skills. An example of this bowling/ tennis on the Wii. Games like Michael Jackson Dance and Just Dance 1-4 guarantee to you get in shape. These games are physical work outs. I believe some games can increase your movement skills.

Now that was a workout!

Not only do I believe some video games will whip you in shape but there are some games that can help you increase your motor skills. They can even translate into helping you make quicker decisions. I believe games like Sparx help with eye coordinaton as well. Researchers have approved that playing certain video games help improve vision of adults with amblyopia or “lazy eye”. Studies show the average game player is age 35. 25% under 18years, 49% age 18 -49, 26% age 50+ and 25% age 51 +.

All ages purchase video games.

Video Game Sales by Genre

 Parental Awareness and Use of Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)

Source: Entertainment Software Association,

 Dr. Keith Ablow argues that we are in a video game crisis. Vice President Biden arranged a special task force targeting video game violence. I think that video game violence all result to lack of parenting. NPD report states sales on violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Halo fell 22% because of violent acts in the U.S.

 Results from a 2007 Poll to the Question: “Do you Think Violent Movies and Video Games Inspire Mentally Unstable People to Commit Acts of Violence Like the Shootings at Virginia Tech?”

 Dr. Keith Ablow discusses video game violence.

In conclusion, I think video games impact everybody. In observing my family play video games I found that feelings can change. Winning always help the soul and losing dampers you. Its good when video games and help you ease pain. Take your mind off certain stressful situations. We as adults and parents just like we do for movies, we need to monitor what our kids play. A lot of the video games are structured for adult entertainment.

Let’s do a better job in raising our children not to see these images!


I remember the first apple computer! It was slow and bulky! Then, Apple launched Macintosh in 1984. Its debut was announced by the now famous $1.5 million television commercial #1984. It was directed by Ridley Scott and was aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984.It is now a huge event for Apple’s success and a “masterpiece”.

Although Apple was expensive, I think this company provides the best product. To this day, I call on my son for assistance, operations various technologies. A long time ago, I sat at my computer and kept re-typing urls. Once again my 12 year old comes to the rescue. “Dad, here’s the refresh button”. I just shock my head. Everyday since I “refresh” on my computer. I really feel like that was a life changing moment. A lesson, that something as small as learning how to “Refresh” gives me a super fast knowledge!

As mentioned earlier Apple products are expensive but by 1997, the majority of American households with annual incomes greater than $50,000 owned a personal computer. According to A history of communication technology those sold for about $2000, exceeding the reach of lower income groups.    

I want an “Apple” PC badly but because the computer I like is $3000, I cant afford it! I know this will be a wonderful investment. I feel that if the Lord wants me to have it, he’ll make a way for me to own and appreciate the computer. Trust and faith!