For years I have marveled over the rapid growth of technology. I think technology is great! It has came so far dating back to the world war II age. The first radio and tv now we have smart phones and smart houses. I do not believe robots will be take over earth but I think robots will help make our lifestyles easier. I watched a movie called       I Robot. This film starred Will Smith, a story about his nightmare. Will Smith was en voled in a life changing accident were his car and a another crash into a river or lake. While both cars are steady sinking a rescue robot is first on the scene. Based on some a stat, the robots realizes he has to make a decision on who to save first. The robot elected to save Will Smith when the other car had a little girl screaming for help. Will Smith tries desperately to tell the robot to save the little girl but when a machine has made a decision, it supports that decision. Will Smith is saved with minor injuries while that little girl doesn’t survive.

I think eventually we will have to share a place in society with robots. Sometimes I think robots are the future. Factory workers are being replaced by robots. Assembly lines are computerized. Its intresting to see smart houses on youtube. A house that is sleep when you away but wakes when you arrive! Whats next for the future, flying cars?



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