Home Video Technology

I believe home video technology is very important! I think it is important in peoples lives because it captures the moment. You can watch your kids grow to become adults, you could help people by filming yourself then uploading your instructional video to you tube. You can film home birthday parties, graduations or even normal day to day things. People use different technologies to capture these everyday life changing events. Some people like digital cameras. Digital cameras works in a similar way to a digital still camera but enables moving images to be captured as a serious of still digital images. Advantages:1.Portable and more resolution compared to webcams 2.Rich features like zoom, video editing etc. 3. Both have online and offline capabilities. 

Disadvantage They are more expensive than still cameras and web cameras.

Advantages of Emerging Video Technologies over Traditional ones

  • Provides markedly better picture (and sound) quality over analog technology
  • Provides more programming choices over analog technology
  • Provides more control and flexibility of viewing schedules over analog technology

Disadvantages of Emerging Video Technologies over Traditional TV

  • Equipment costs are greater than traditional analog technology
  • Service costs are greater than traditional analog technology

I think majority of the people who make home videos, do not know how to properly make a video nor do they know how to properly tag a you tube video. People are not aware of the violations and terms when uploading a video to you tube. I have witness some crazy homemade videos on this social media site.   

Technology is the “New Literacy”. We need technology and need to be aware of the constant changes and upgrades in technology. I feel as if this is the way of the future. I found a link below titled “Smart House”, this is the future! 

I believe it is important as a communication major to learn the proper way to shoot and edit video. I think some were in the communication job field there will be a time in which cameras  and technology will play a role in success. I feel as a broadcaster, anchor, radio personality or host you will be filmed and you want to be filmed correctly.  Video is the most powerful communication tool since move able type. Our society has become obsessed with the internet, so much that it was initially created for personal use and entertainment and turned into mass media.


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