I love Music!

The device in which I choose to listen to music is MP3, which is like an IPod and it has 30 GB of space. A recent study shows 47.06% of music listeners in America, choose to listen to there music using IPods, 5.88% still use CD players while 17.65% enjoy listening to music on there computers.

I listen to music from the time I wake up, shower, drive in the car, work, on my way to school, on the drive back home, while at home, music studio ect. I always listen to music! I love all types. I listen to music because it smooths my soul. It takes the anger, sadness and despair in me and says “Lets take a walk and everything will be fine.” It works all the time.

Radio is so important, it is in 99% of U.S.A. household. We rely on music for connection and information. The car is were a lot of people listen to there radios. 1930 the first car radio by Motorola was introduced and change the way some of us drive forever. In 2001, the first two American digital audio satellites were launched, offering the promise of hundreds of satellite radio channels. By the end of 2003, about 1.6 million satellites radio subscribers tuned to the two top providers, XM and Sirius . These two players merged soon before the 2008 stock market crisis, during which the new company, Sirius XM Radio lost nearly all of its stock value. In 2011, the service was used by 20.5 million subscribers. I love music!


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